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Google plus for landscaping businesses



When you are designing your web based marketing campaign, can you ignore Google plus for landscaping businesses? Many people – especially those who use social media like Facebook and Twitter voraciously will tell you that there is little or no need to do so. Google plus according to them, is defunct. You can create a profile there, but it is not going to contribute much towards your income

In order to understand the importance of Google plus in promoting your landscaping business, mark the following:

  • Though the interaction is less than on Facebook and twitter, it is far more focused. Once you have your Google plus profile and add the details of your business,, those people who are interested in landscaping business in some way only will be attracted to you. Naturally, this means less traffic than Facebook or twitter, but it is a more focused and driven traffic. Hence, conversion rates are likely to be higher.
  • No other social media influences your listing on the search engine results page as profoundly as does Google plus. If you put a proper profile, it will show up above many organic words and even above the Google AdWords.
  • Since Google plus allows you to interact with others on a personal level, you can follow them back to your business page. This will vastly increase the exposure for your landscaping business.


Which Disorders Can Arise Due to Black Mold?

Stachybotrys-300x225Stachybotrys, or Black Mold, can cause acute health disorders. However, it is only recently that people have come to be aware of the health risks due to exposure to this fungus. Earlier, physicians were of the opinion that other conditions were the actual cause of these problems. These days, more and more studies are being carried out to understand the role played by this germ in causing these diseases. The following are some common health issues that occur due to exposure to Stachybotrys.

Flu Symptoms

Exposure to some variants of poisonous mold can give rise to symptoms similar to those produced by flu, such as headaches, fever and nausea. This type of exposure can lead to problems in any region of the body, which also includes the digestive tract. It is generally thought that Stachybotrys can affect respiration of victims. However, its spores make use of the respiratory system to enter the body and can go to any part of the system from there.


Although asthma has traditionally been believed to be a genetic disorder, it has been proven by recent studies to be caused more due to environmental causes. Researchers have found an association between exposure to Stachybotrys in early stages of life and asthma development at a later stage. Although the exact effect of black mold on asthma development is tough to ascertain, it can be mind-boggling to check the anecdotal evidence that exists. It is hoped that a proper association between the two will be proven in the coming years.

Chronic Sinus Trouble

Over 35 million people in the US suffer from this disease and you can suffer from sinus headaches, runny nose and congestion due to this disorder. Although it was earlier believed that the condition is genetic in nature, recent research has established that environmental factors such as growth of Stachybotrys are almost always the cause of this problem. Black mold releases spores that can be transmitted through air. The spores can cause allergies in different levels in almost every individual. Breathing in of these spores can cause sinus irritation and cause the above symptoms.

Mental Illness

Some people find it really tough to believe that the apparently small and innocuous looking mold can affect the brain functions. However, this is actually a fact. Stachybotrys exposure can affect the nervous system when spores enter the system and unleash poison into the bloodstream. Mild dementia symptoms, chronic fatigue, loss of memory and hearing are some of the usual signs of the extremely advanced stages of black mold toxicity. In the event that you know of someone who is suffering from nervous damage due to this type of exposure, you should immediately seek medical attention. If this happens to a family member, use test kits or call a professional inspector to get your house tested. You can get kits for mold testing from any local hardware store. Spotting and removal of Stachybotrys in time can ensure good health for you and all the members of your home.

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